There are lots of other attractions in Cobh...

Escapade Cobh :

The Escapade Cobh experience is available for teams of 2 to 6 people. The aim of the game is to escape within a set time by solving riddles and puzzles using the cryptic clues given. Whether you "Escape from Spike Island", take part in a "late night bank robbery" or help "Sherlock Holmes" to solve his final case before his retirement, the question is, have you got what it takes to succeed? For opening hours and booking information see or contact Rachael on 087 6790897

Visit one of Europe’s best wildlife parks, Fota Wildlife Park:

Fota also boasts one of the best Wildlife Parks in Europe. Many of the animals here roam free, allowing visitors to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most amazing creatures.

The Park’s Tropical House is home to Butterflies, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Tropical Fish and their Asian Sanctuary houses Sumatran Tigers, Warty Pigs, and Lion-Tailed Macaques. Lions are the new arrivals for 2016. Make sure your phone battery is charged - there will be lots of snaps taken!

Take the ferry to Ireland’s Alcatraz, Spike Island:

Off limits to civilians for some 200 years, Spike Island is now open to visitors and a recently completed €5m investment is phase one of a massive tourism project. The island has a fascinating history, from Monastic settlement to Military Fortress, a convict depot, prison and Army and Naval facilities.Take the ferry from Cobh and explore the extensive star shaped Fort, see the jail cells, walk the ramparts, marvel at the 360 degree views of Cork Harbour, see the huge gun that protected the harbour from attack, hear about the high-society artist Willam Burke Kirwan, convicted of the violent murder of his young wife, or John Power, a Waterford orphan who was so brutalised by the system that he ended up murdering a prison warder, or learn about John Mitchel, a patriotic Young Irelander, after whom Fort Mitchel is now named.

Get your adrenaline going at Spike Island Adventure:

While you’re on Spike, make sure you visit Spike Island Adventure - a self-declared fun factory for families where you can learn all sorts of useful skills. They will take care of your kids or, better still, join in and make it a family adventure. And for those of you who just love the water they offer family kayaking tours around the island, which has a history dating back to medieval times.

Hop on board Cobh’s Road Train:

Combining breathtaking panoramic views of the town with brilliant history and local stories told by the driver Martin, this is an attraction surely not to be missed for anyone visiting Cobh. Cobh Road Train takes you around the town stopping at two fantastic locations; the viewpoint known locally as the Black railings and the famous St. Colman’s Cathedral. Kids especially will love a ride through Cobh on the train on this hour long informative and fun trip.

Visit the famous St. Colman’s Cathedral:

Perched on the hillside, St Colman’s Cathedral is one of the most popular attractions in the region. Impressive and imposing from the outside, the stained glass and carvings inside are exquisite. Its 49-bell Carillon is the only such instrument in this country and is the largest in Ireland and Britain.

Cork Harbour Boat Hire:

Explore Cork Harbour and see Cobh from the sea on a fantastic boating adventure with Cork Harbour Boat Hire. These easy to drive boats are led on a one hour tour of the harbour by a safety boat. It is great fun for people of all ages, no previous boating experience is needed and all equipment is provided.

Greet Cruise Ships from Around the World:

Cobh is a preferred port of call for passengers and visitors as they welcome them to Cobh cruise ships from around the world throughout the year, and this becomes an event in itself as locals put on free music and entertainment for passengers and visitors as they welcome them to Cobh. Over fifty cruise ships tie up right in the centre of Cobh each year. The biggest, carry over 4000 passengers and at 13 decks high become the dominant feature in the town!

Titanic Experience:

Cobh was of course, the last port of call for the Titanic. The Titanic Experience offers visitors an opportunity to travel in the footsteps of an actual passenger on that famous ship’s tragic maiden voyage.

Walk the Titanic Trail:

The Titanic Trail is a fascinating guided walking tour that explores Cobh, taking visitors through the historic town where the buildings, streets and piers have not changed since the Titanic’s sinking over 100 years ago. Enjoy the fascinating heritage of Cobh and reveal its many historical secrets on Dr. Michael Martin's famous Titanic Trail guided walking tours. Book online at or call 087 2767218 For 2017 , Titanic Trail and Cobh Heritage Centre have combined to offer a new Tour- The Cobh Cultural Tour-. This allows the visitor to partake in the walking trail and also visit the Queenstown Story@ Cobh Heritage Centre.

See the Titanic log book at Cobh Museum:

The exhibitions reflect the cultural, social and maritime history of Cobh and the Great Island. The Museum holds the last written record for the RMS Titanic in the Pilot's Log book

and much more

We could go on about the walking tours, the incredible local food, the nearby Jameson Distillery, and the amazing traditional music offering but you’re just going to have to check all that out for yourself.

Cobh is used to welcoming visitors and the warmth of the welcome is legendary - after all Cobh was developed as a Victorian Spa Retreat in the mid 19th century and became Ireland’s most important port for transatlantic travel.

This pretty seaside town is also a Tidy Towns gold medal recipient and has stunning floral displays and well kept open spaces right on the water’s edge.

If you would like to create some memories that will last a lifetime, take the plunge and visit Captivating Cobh - ‘captivating’ because it will hold you in its spell long after you’ve left.

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