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The Port of Cork is the only port in Ireland with a dedicated cruise berth in Cobh and it annually attracts an increasing number of cruise liners, bringing close to an additional 30,000 visitors to Cobh and it’s environs.
The Deepwater Quay is the berthing dock for these luxury cruise liners into Cobh and passengers disembark directly onto the quayside alongside the Cobh Heritage Centre.
Cobh Heritage Centre provides a graphical illustration of living conditions in Ireland during the last century and it highlights advances from early coffin ships to latter day luxurious transatlantic liners.
The town of Cobh – located within 100 metres of the cruise terminal – is renowned for its maritime past and charming old world atmosphere and it attracts a great deal of attention as the last port of call for the ill-fated transatlantic liner Titanic.
In 2018, over 80 cruise liners visited the Port and it is hoped that there will be even more next year.