Genealogical Family History Research Profile service

Cobh Heritage Centre offers a Genealogical Family History Research Profile.
This expert system has been designed to allow someone with no knowledge of genealogical records to obtain a detailed custom made analysis of all Irish records relevant to researching a particular ancestor.

It will provide answers to the following questions:

–  What records are relevant to my ancestors?
–  How do I use these records?
–  Where are they?
– How do I get Access to them?

In order for our Genealogist to assist you , a certain amount of information is required from you, the more you have then possibly the more he can find.

There is a charge of  €60 for a one hour session with our Genealogist (we would advise to book in advance). For more information or to book a session please email or call us on +353 (21) 481 3591. If you wish to do it online please remember that there is an hourly charge of €60 for the research he undertakes. 

Genealogical Recordfinder system

Our Genealogical Recordfinder system includes references in  of the following categories:

  • Placenames
  • Census records and Returns
  • Trade & Local Directories
  • Occupational Sources
  • Newspaper Indexes
  • Wills
  • 1890 Surname Distribution
  • Deeds
  • The Genealogical Office
  • State Records of Births, Marriages and Records  
  • Gravestones Inscriptions
  • Estate Records & Rent Rolls
  • Passengers Lists
  • Libraries & Repositories

The most important piece of information you should supply in order to maximise the benefit of availing of this service is the place name i.e. County, Town or Village your relative originated from.

If you are interested of availing of this unique genealogical service, it is advisable to book an appointment with our Genealogist to avoid disappointment. There are days when the Genealogist is not present at the Centre, so if you are visiting please check beforehand and book an appointment.The Genealogy service will not be available from Saturday October 26th to Monday November 3rd inclusive as the Genealogist will be on annual leave.