School Tours

We always welcome School tours where the students will have the opportunity to learn about the story of Irish Emigration from this famous sea port town. Cobh or Queenstown as it was known , was the major port of emigration from where over 3 million people departed. Students will learn about the early emigrants to the British overseas colonies of Virginia and the New England states, the West Indies and later to the far distant colony of Australia, many as convicts. The period of the Great Famine from 1845 -1851 saw huge numbers of people fleeing the country because of starvation and disease , many travelling to Canada and onwards to the United States.

As you would expect, our exhibition also includes sections that cover the amazing stories of two of the biggest shipping disasters of the early 20th century, that of the Titanic and The Lusitania. There is also a very enjoyable quiz for students to participate in during their tour.

School Tour Prices.

Primary schools – Our Tour rate is £7.00 per student and teachers / helpers are complimentary

Secondary Schools – Our tour rate is £8.50. per student, teachers / helpers complimentary.

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